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Disposable vape addiction among teenagers, How to stop it?

How to stop teens from becoming addicted to disposable vape starter kits


In recent years, the rise of disposable vape addiction among teenagers has been disturbing, garnering increasing attention. Because disposable vape pens are easily accessible and their use is hidden, there is an urgent need to address this issue and find effective ways to help teens break their dependence on disposable e-cigarettes.

This article will explore how to stop teens from becoming addicted to disposable vape starter kits and promote healthier habits to protect their health.

Disposable vape pod addiction among Teenagers data

The latest NHS Digital data shows the number of young people using disposable vape pods is rapidly growing, reaching one-fifth of 15-year-olds by 2021. This year’s figures are expected to increase substantially. Data from Action on Smoking and Health also shows a 50% rise in 11-17-year-olds trying e-cigarettes compared to last year.

Smoking among Young People in England 2021 statistics included in the report revealed:   

  • Regular smokers who are also normal e-cigarette users more than doubled, from 29% of regular smokers in 2018 to 61% in 2021 
  • 18% of all 15-year-olds were current e-cigarette users 
  • Current e-cigarette use for 15-year-old girls increased from 10% in 2018 to 21% (around 1 in 5) in 2021 
  • 23% of pupils who met people every day were current e-cigarette users, compared to 1% for those who never met people outside of home or school 

In 2020, the FDA removed flavored, cartridge-based e-cigarettes from store shelves. Unfortunately, it did not include the illegal, flavored, disposable vapes that appeal to minors. As a result, these products continue to be produced and aggressively marketed to children in flavors such as “rainbow cotton candy” to an alarmingly effective degree.

In fact, according to the 2022 National Youth Tobacco Survey, more than 2.5 million American middle and high school students still vape, with more than eight in 10 using flavored e-cigarettes. Disposable vape flavor usage among high schoolers has spiked 2,188 percent since 2019.

What factors contribute to disposable vape addiction among teenagers?

Several factors contribute to the widespread use of disposable vaping products among teens, and let’s be clear -vaping can help people quit smoking. However, it is unacceptable that colorful, enticing plastic vapes are infiltrating kids’ lives and getting them hooked on dangerous lifelong smoking habits.

We find that most disposable pod products on the vape market are often designed with features that appeal to youth, with sleek, compact sizes and visually appealing, colorful colors, and offer a variety of fruit flavors to choose from.

We find attempts to make vaping “cool” among kids reprehensible. Here is some of what teens say about why they vape disposable vape:

  • Because I wanted to look fabulous in middle school, now I get violently ill if I go more than 3 days without it
  • I started when I was 15 because my friend offered to get me one; I wanted to fit in with my friends and have a relationship with them, so I decided to try it.
  • Because everyone knows that inhaling addiction smoke in a public bathroom at school is the coolest thing ever.
  • If I had to guess, it started as a status thing when it looked cool, then became an addiction.
  • Many people start because they’re trying to be cool or reduce stress. It was both for me and more for the latter.

In addition, vape store displays, packaging, and product design are not as austere as cigarettes. The ridiculous number of vape shops ignoring the large, obvious ’18+’ sign and passing off goods to children. And we don’t have adequate laws to protect kids from harmful marketing and the shop owners who illegally sell these products to kids.

Lastly, a pervasive lack of awareness surrounding the health risks of vaping adds fuel to the fire. There had been a consensus that vaping was safer than smoking and described as harmless water vapor. Even though continuing research discounts this and points out dangers like possibly l metal products, some of our young people still believe this is a safer choice.

How to prevent teens from using disposable vape pens?

I think restricting access to vaping products for children is part of the solution here – trying to ensure that the people selling the products here abide by the law. Online vape stores need more regulation and should require the presentation of identification proving the buyer is 18+. Without this, nothing will change for many teenagers who vape.

online vape stores need more regulation and should require presentation of identification proving the buyer is 18+. Without this, nothing will change for many teenagers who vape.

The government should increase the power and capacity of local disposable vape starter kit trading standards teams to enforce new vape regulations and licenses, additional restrictions and rules for vape companies around the advertising and marketing of vapes, including around design and flavors, so that it can only be promoted as a smoking cessation tool for adults.

Government should release additional restrictions and rules for vape companies around the advertising and marketing of vapes,so it can promote as the purpose for which they were originally designed for adults

In addition, the ease of access to these disposable vape pen products, both online and in stores, facilitates their proliferation;

These vape manufacturers should increase their efforts to crack down on distributors illegally selling disposable products to youth.

So that legitimate retailers sell disposable vape products for the purpose they were originally designed for adults. It will proactively protect our youth and promote a healthier future for our communities.

Schools and communities also have a significant part to play. Implementing educational programs that highlight the risks associated with vaping can be instrumental in deterring potential users.

Disposable Vape addiction
Disposable Vape addiction

Community activities that promote healthy lifestyles and business partnerships that discourage the sale of vaping products to minors can further supplement these efforts.

Parents also play a key role in addressing this issue. Parents should look for warning signs of vaping, such as unusual behavior, lingering sweet smells, or unfamiliar devices.

Proactive measures such as discussing the health risks, setting clear expectations, and offering support can help prevent vaping initiation or support efforts to quit.

Professional cessation services such as CDC and NCI are another crucial component of this multifaceted approach. These services can provide the necessary support and guidance for teenagers attempting to quit vaping, helping them navigate the challenges of withdrawal and recovery.

Final Verdict

In summary, the rise of disposable vape addiction among teenagers is a multifaceted problem that requires a comprehensive solution. The government, vape shops, vape manufacturers, schools and parents, and all sectors of society must take collective action to address this issue.

We must pay attention to teens’ evolving challenges in this new era and work together to protect our youth from this health hazard. Let’s help our youth grow up healthy and free from vaping addiction.

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