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Firerose Upload 25K Disposable Vape Review: Unique Replaceable Screen Feature

Firerose Upload 25K: Enhance your vaping experience with replaceable screen


It introduces the Firerose Upload 25K disposable vape, a sleek and customizable device that takes your vaping experience to the next level.

With its unique replaceable screen feature, you can personalize and enhance its performance according to your preferences.

Let’s dive into the key features of this super cool disposable vape.

Firerose Upload Design and Build Quality

The Firerose Upload 25K features an impressive 20mL prefilled e-liquid capacity with 5% (50mg) nicotine strength.

It supports up to 25,000 satisfying puffs to ensure long-lasting satisfaction during your vaping sessions.

Equipped with a 660mAh battery and Type-C fast charging port, this device minimizes downtime and provides reliable power throughout the day to enjoy uninterrupted vaping.

Firerose upload 25k

The Firerose Upload 25K delivers enhanced flavor and vapor production with a dual mesh coil system.

It can be switched between norm mode and turbo mode, allowing you to customize your vaping style to suit your preferences.

The adjustable airflow feature allows you to fine-tune the draw to perfection.

Meanwhile, the vibration indicator feature ensures you’re always aware of the selected mode, adding convenience and ease to your vaping sessions.

How to use Firerose Upload 25k APP.

The fantastic thing about the Firerose Upload is the replaceable screen feature.

With the replaceable screen, you can customize your display settings by uploading your favorite images and swiping twice to customize your favorite memories on your vape device’s display—it’s beyond excellent.

  • To get started, scan the QR code on the box, download the app, sign up, and log in.
  • Tap the + button to add your device to the app.
  • Once connected, tap + in the app to select the image you want to use as wallpaper.

You can add up to 10 photos in total. If you change an image, slide the Firerose logo on the screen from left to right twice to light the screen, and press the bottom button to illuminate the screen.

The water drop icon shows the e-liquid level, and the battery icon shows the battery capacity. You can also delete an image by holding your finger on it.

Watch a video tutorial on how to customize wallpapers.

The Firerose Upload 25K disposable vape offers a replaceable screen for customization and an intelligent stats management feature.

This app provides invaluable insight into your device usage and vaping habits. The app’s device connection status feature ensures you’re always in control, keeping you connected and informed.

Track your vaping journey with detailed puff count statistics, allowing you to analyze your vaping habits on a weekly, monthly, and yearly basis.

Firerose upload 25k vape

The app also tracks your vaping sessions, including flavors used, e-liquid volume, and battery life, giving you a comprehensive view of your vaping sessions.

This intelligent statistics management feature lets you decide your vaping habits and preferences.

It allows you to optimize your vaping experience and ensure you get the most out of your Firerose Upload 25K disposable vape.

Firerose Upload Vape No Screen Version

The Firerose Upload 25K is also available without the replaceable screen for added convenience and sustainability.

With a generous 20ml e-liquid capacity and 5% nicotine strength, the screenless Firerose Upload 25K offers long-lasting satisfaction.

The 660mAh rechargeable battery guarantees reliable power throughout your vaping sessions.

Equipped with a dual mesh coil system and two vaping modes, you can enjoy enhanced flavor and vapor production tailored to your preferences.

You can switch to the screenless version once you’ve purchased the complete kit with the replaceable screen.

It’s more cost-effective and less wasteful than throwing away the LED display.

Firerose Upload 25000 Flavor Profile

I’m thrilled that the disposable vape comes with a replaceable screen. This feature is fantastic because it saves money and allows you to continue enjoying the vibrant display with your favorite images.

As a vaping enthusiast, I particularly appreciate the TURBO mode because it provides a rich and smooth vapor, delivering a solid throat hit for a satisfying vaping experience.

Firerose upload
Firerose upload

I’ve had the chance to test flavors over the past few weeks. I’ve tried the Watermelon Ice flavor, and it offers a refreshing burst of juicy watermelon with an excellent, icy finish.

Additionally, the Sour Rainbow Candy flavor is a delightful combination of sweet and sour tastes that will take you back to the nostalgic memories of rainbow treats.

Final Verdict

The FIREROSE UPLOAD is an innovative vaping device that allows for personal expression with its interchangeable screen feature.

It offers convenient monitoring of vape usage via a smartphone app and provides haptic feedback for low battery warnings.

It has dual mesh coils, adjustable airflow, and the ability to locate a misplaced vape using the app.

The FIREROSE UPLOAD is an excellent option for those vapers who enjoy customizing their device with personal photos of family, travel, or beloved pets as vape device wallpaper.

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