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Rincoe Manto AIO Plus 2 Kit Review: a compact yet powerful pod mod

Rincoe Manto AIO Plus 2 Kit Review: How Does It Compare to the Manto aio plus


Rincoe is known for its stylish and innovative design of vape products, such as the popular Jellybox series and Manto pod systems.

The Manto AIO Plus 2 is the latest all-in-one pod mod designed to build on the success of the original AIO Plus. It has a unique design with a vintage alarm clock-inspired screen, giving it a cool and stylish look.

It uses a single external 18650 battery for extended battery life of up to 80W output. It features adjustable airflow, allowing users to switch between direct lung and mouth-to-lung vaping.

Let’s take a closer look at what this versatile pod mod offers

Design & build quality

The Manto AIO Plus 2 full kit has a unique retro look reminiscent of the 80s/90s toys and alarm clocks.

It measures 82.5mm high and 47.2mm wide for a lightweight, pocket-friendly size of around 90g. Despite its small size, the main body is made of durable PC and ABS materials, so it feels solid and well-built.

The transparent case also allows you to monitor the e-juice level in the 3.5 ml tank. When you remove the back battery panel, the filling is easy with the hinged side to fill port.

It also features a magnetic door and a contact to hold the pod in place, making it easy to access and replace. The Delrin 510 drip tip and bottom airflow give it a box mod feel.

The variety of vibrant color options like black, green, gray, and orange, along with the vintage screen, are visually appealing and add to its overall appeal.

manto aio plus 2

It features a 3-button interface and adjustable power and airflow. While adjustable up to 80W, the lack of a puff counter or button lock is a drawback.

However, the screen displays wattage, battery life, and resistance, which can be turned off with five clicks for safety. The adjustable airflow allows you to switch between MTL and direct lung vaping to suit your preferences.

Despite the average build quality, the customization options and accessories add value and appeal, like the extra coil head and RBA coil available.

Pod & Coils

I noticed that the Manto AIO Plus 2 Rincoe is quite impressive as it comes with two interchangeable coils, a pro compared to other brands offering only one coil.

The device offers two mesh coil options, one with a 0.15 ohm coil for 50-80 watts and another with a 0.3 ohm coil for 35-50 watts.

I can say that both coils are unique in terms of flavor and vapor production, even at their maximum wattage.

Rincoe manto aio plus 2

However, the device’s performance may decrease when the battery charge is below 10. Nonetheless, it is still a great option for those who do not need voltage boost capabilities.

The Manto AIO Plus pods have a juice capacity of 3.5ml and come with a side-filling feature. The coils are also bigger and better than those in the dotmod AIO. It’s worth noting that the Manto AIO pods are compatible with the dotmod AIO device.

Performance & Vapor Quality

The Rincoe Manto AIO Plus 2 mod is a powerful device with a maximum wattage of 80 watts and a fast firing speed of 0.001 seconds.

The 0.15-ohm coil delivers thick, warm vapor with an intense flavor. The adjustable airflow on the device provides a nice restricted lung hit, making it versatile for different vaping preferences.

The only downside is that some users may wish there was a way to lock the buttons on the device to prevent accidental adjustments.

Additionally, the display could benefit from a black filter to improve readability in bright outdoor conditions.

The Manto AIO Plus 2 vape tank is compatible with dot AIO tanks. It has a refillable 3.5 ml tank, a Delrin 510 drip tip, a juice window, adjustable airflow, and resets to 35 watts every time you change the battery.

Pros of Rincoe Manto aio plus 2

  • Lightweight design
  • Adjustable MTL or RDL airflow
  • Large 3.5ml capacity
  • 80W max wattage
  • Mesh coils for excellent taste
  • Compact OLED screen
  • Customizable, removable front panel
  • Fast ignition at 0.001S
  • Customize different faceplates
  • External 18650 batteries
  • with RBA section
  • It comes with two coils
  • Tank compatibility dot mod aio

Cons of Rincoe Manto aio plus 2 kit

  • Lack of a locking feature
  • Display difficult to see in bright outdoor conditions
Final Verdict

The Rincoe Manto AIO Plus 2 system kit is an impressive device that offers a comfortable mouthpiece and a pleasant vaping experience with its 0.3-ohm and 0.15-ohm coils.

It is also lightweight, has an adjustable wattage, has replaceable 18650 batteries, a 510 drip tip, and consistent output even when the battery is low. However, it lacks a puff counter and can lock the controls without locking the fire button.

Overall, The Rincoe Manto AIO Plus 2 vape kit is a great choice for those seeking a compact yet powerful and appealing device.

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