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How to switch from disposable vape to refillable vape kit

Switching to Refillable Vape Kits: A Comprehensive Guide for Disposable Vape Users


Disposable vapes are becoming increasingly popular among adult smokers who want an easy and hassle-free vaping experience. However, as the world approaches sustainability, many vapers seek ways to reduce their environmental impact.

One solution is to switch from disposable vape to refillable vape kits, which help the planet save money and offer a broader range of flavors and a more personalized vaping experience.

This guide will help you make a smooth transition to refillable vape kits.

What is Disposable Vape Devices

Disposable vapes are popular among adult smokers for their simplicity and convenience, featuring a compact, lightweight design with the battery and coil built right in.

They come pre-filled with e-liquid and include a built-in battery and coil, so you must open the package and start puffing. The draw-activated ignition provides a smooth, cigarette-like mouth-to-lung hit.

They’re designed for single use, which means no refilling, charging, or maintenance; this convenience and portability make disposables appealing to new vapers.

However, with this convenience comes drawbacks, including the lack of customization in nicotine strength and flavors and a higher overall cost than refillable systems.

In addition, the disposable nature of these disposable devices contributes to electronic waste, leaving many looking for reusable options.

Why Switch from disposable vape to Refillable vape kit

Making the switch to refillable vapes offers several benefits over disposable vape pods

  • Cost Savings

With only 2ml of juice, disposable cartridges cost up to $3 per ml! Meanwhile, a 60ml bottle of quality e-liquid can cost as little as 20 cents per ml – 6 times cheaper! Yes, you must buy a device upfront, but the savings add up over time.

  • Greater Variety

Refillable devices also allow you to customize nic strength and PG/VG ratio and access a broader range of flavors-thousands compared to the limited options with disposables. Reusable vape pod kits and pens provide better vapor production and battery life than disposable vapes.

  • Environmental Impact

Switching to a refillable device reduces electronic waste. Each disposable device contains a battery that can be reused many times. Still, instead, it’s thrown away after a single use, and you can avoid creating significant battery waste with reusables featuring replaceable pods and coils.

  • Regulatory Trends

With the possibility of some countries considering banning disposable vape devices, it is a smart move to transition to refillable devices that offer greater future-proofing.

How to choose the right refillable vape device

When switching from disposable to refillable vape devices, you have several options to consider, and here are some top options for switching from disposable to refillable vape kits:

  • Refillable Pod Systems

Pod systems feature compact, portable designs with prefilled or refillable pods that typically offer a tight draw and good throat hit, similar to what you get from a cigarette or disposable vape.

Many pod systems are easy to use; some even have variable wattage options for more customization.

We highly recommend disposable vaper users get a vaporesso xros 3 vape pod to start the switch from disposables or get their latest Eco Nano, which is also a great choice.

xros 3 mini

  • Pen-Style Vape Pens Kits

Vape pens have built-in batteries and clearomizer tanks for e-liquid. They often offer adjustable power and airflow control for better performance.

These devices are a step up from pod systems in terms of customization and power but are still relatively easy to use.

Options like the Innokin Endura T18 II and Aspire K2 offer adjustable power and airflow for dialing in vapor and flavor. Coil options, including MTL, appeal to both disposable and ex-smoker vapers.

Their simplified design makes vape pens easy to use while improving disposables’ battery life and performance.

  • Box Mods

More advanced vapers may want to upgrade to a great box mod kit with larger batteries, more power, and sub-ohm tanks for big vapor production.

Devices like the GeekVape Aegis line allow you to experience intense flavor and vapor output. Most mods feature variable wattage and temperature control to customize your vaping experience.

The external 18650 or 21700 batteries also offer longer run times between charges than disposables or simpler pod systems.

However, the wider range of settings and features may seem daunting compared to disposables, so opt for a more beginner-friendly regulated mod over mechanical mods first.

How to Choosing The Right E-Juice

Getting an Xros 3 pod is probably the best refillable vape for you to switch from disposable vaping. However, finding the right e-juice will be the hard part.

With a refillable xros 3 vape device, you’ll need to purchase e-liquid separately. The type of e-liquid you choose can significantly affect your vaping experience.

To best replicate the smooth hit of disposables when switching devices, nicotine salt e-liquids are ideal. Salts provide a smoother throat hit with higher nicotine levels to satisfy cravings.

Suppose you are trying to replicate the experience as closely as possible. Aim for 50mg salts, probably with freeze/iced (ice minted), and stick with the flavor(s) closest to the disposable vapes that you like.

It will be a weird transition at first, but I would suggest that you start working down the nicotine chain.

For example, then you move to 35mg salts e-juice,  and after a few times, then move into 24mg e-juice, then switch to freebase e-juice (12mg, 6mg, 3mg, 0mg) to cut down on nicotine addiction.

I would advise not to chase the same flavor experience with disposables as I did. You will never get 100% the same, but you can get close.

  • Good Fruit Brands: Juicehead, Pacha Mama, Jam Monster.
  • Good RY4(IMHO) Glass Butterscotch Reserve
  • Good brands overall: above brands, NKD (Naked Juices), Humble, Coastal Clouds, and probably many more, to be honest, but avoid the flashy, colorful ones, and if they look sketchy – they probably are.
How to make a smooth Switch from disposable vape to Refillable vape

To make the transition from disposables seamless, start with a simple pod system that reflects their ease of use. Watch video tutorials on filling, coil replacement, and maintenance for your specific device model.

As you become more comfortable with vaping, explore more advanced mods if you wish. Here are some tips to make the transition easier:

  • 1. Start with a simple pod system that mirrors the ease of use of disposables. As you get more comfortable with vaping, you can experiment with more advanced setups.
  • 2. Stick to similar flavor profiles and nicotine strengths as your previous disposables when transitioning.
  • 3. Be patient when choosing your ideal device and e-juice – finding the suitable e-liquid device can take trial and error. Be patient and give yourself time to adjust to this new way of vaping.
  • 4. Familiarize yourself with your new device, how to fill it with e-liquid, and how to replace parts if necessary. Many manufacturers offer video tutorials that can be helpful.
  • 5.  Shop established vape brands and read reviews carefully for quality equipment.
  • 6. Be sure to match the nic strength you’re used to with disposables – usually 12mg or higher.

You can also adjust the PG/VG mix to balance flavor intensity and vapor production. Many “nic salt bar” juices now aim to replicate popular disposable flavors as a transition option.

With some experimentation, you’re sure to find the perfect all-day vape!

In Conclusion

Switching from disposable vapes to refillable vape kits is a choice that benefits your wallet, your vaping experience, and the environment.

While it may seem daunting initially, the transition can be smooth and rewarding with the right guidance. Follow this guide to choose the perfect device, e-juice, and path to make the switch smooth and successful.

The ability to fully customize your vaping experience makes the transition to reusables well worth it. Just take it slow, do your research, and you’ll be in control in no time!

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