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VAPORESSO LUXE Q2 & Q2 SE Review: Two Great Sequels to the LUXE Q


VAPORESSO has just released the LUXE Q2 and Q2 SE, the latest additions to their popular LUXE Q pod system series. As successors to the original LUXE Q, these two new pod mods aim to enhance the vaping experience.

The LUXE Q2 features faster 2A charging, deluxe leather panels, and adjustable airflow for a premium feel. The Q2 SE offers a more affordable option focusing on simplicity and ease of use.

Both models pack large 1000mAh batteries into compact, palm-friendly designs. They use COREX heating technology and pod mesh coils to deliver robust flavor and vapor. The pods hold 3mL of juice and work with the full range of LUXE Q pods for flexibility.

While the VAPORESSO pod system maintains the core performance and compatibility of the series, do these new iterations move the LUXE  line forward?

I spent two weeks testing the LUXE Q2 and Q2 SE to see how they stack up. Read on to find out if these latest pod mods earn a spot among the best options for nic-salt and freebase vaping.

Design & Build Quality 

The Vaporesso Luxe Q2 and Q2 SE pod systems blend premium style with practical portability. Both models sport compact yet ergonomic designs that feel great in hand.

The Luxe Q2 stands 96.8mm tall by 26mm wide and 18.6mm deep. It has a rounded rectangular shape with curved edges that nestles comfortably into your palm.

The metal chassis comes wrapped in faux leather for a deluxe look and feel. This leatherette material gives you a secure grip while adding durability.

Meanwhile, the Q2 SE uses a simplified Mastering Styles In Palm. It comes in colors with minimalist and modern tech and a fashion street style that reveals the internal hardware design.

For control, the Luxe Q2  pod features an airflow slider on the side that allows you to fine-tune pull resistance. Open the slider for a loose MTL inhalation or close it for a tighter, more restrictive direct lung vape. The Q2 SE does not have this adjustable airflow and only offers a looser MTL draw.


The pods load into the devices with strong magnets and click securely into place. Thanks to the strong magnetic connection, they stay firmly in place with no wiggle room. Both kits include the latest LUXE Q” 3mL pods and cross-compatible 2mL pods from previous models.

These pods are easy to fill, with newer models using a side rubber stopper and older models using a top-fill design. The e-liquid level is visible through the explicit, non-tinted pod material, although you must tilt the pod to see the bottom.

Both models feature simple LED battery life indicators on the front. However, the Luxe Q2 pod system features a more advanced light that changes from green to blue to red as the charge diminishes. This indicates the remaining power is better than the simple single light on the Q2 SE.

The interface is designed for simplicity – no buttons, settings, or on/off required. Just inhale to activate the automatic draw. This makes the Luxe Q2 and Q2 SE excellent choices for vaping beginners.

Despite their portable size, the 1000mAh battery in each device will last a full day of use. The Type-C USB fast charger fully recharges in 30 minutes when power runs low.

The proprietary CoreX heating technology in the pods boosts flavor production, and the Axon chip inside ensures consistent power output. Together, this results in satisfying vapor and reliable performance.

In summary, the Vaporesso Luxe Q2 and Q2 SE pod system kits offer similar stellar builds in super slim pod packages.


Adding leather accents and adjustable airflow gives the Q2 pod system a slight edge in styling and customization. But both deliver solid, pocket-friendly vaping for MTL vapers on the go.

Luxe Q2 & Q2 SE Performance

Regarding the performance aspect of the VAPORESSO LUXE Q2 & Q2 SE, there are a few critical factors to consider. The LUXE Q2 offers a customizable vaping experience with its adjustable airflow.

You can tweak the draw to a smooth range of draw resistance by sliding the control. Fully open, it has a loose MTL suitable for 20-25 mg of nicotine.

Close the airflow halfway for a slightly tighter MTL draw. It becomes a true MTL inhale at minimum airflow, requiring some effort but offering maximum satisfaction.

On the other hand, the Q2 SE Pod Vape, with a fixed airflow, leans more toward a loose MTL experience. This makes it ideal for high-nicotine salt e-liquids. Both pod kit options work well, so it comes down to your airflow and style preferences.

The Luxe Q2 delivered a slightly warmer vape than the Q2 SE. It’s not hot or harsh, but you can feel a difference – especially with the 0.6Ω coil.

Both devices feature COREX heating technology to enhance your e-liquids’ flavor. Whether you’re into fruity, dessert, or tobacco flavors, the mesh coils inside these pods efficiently heat the liquid, delivering a consistent and robust flavor that I found quite impressive during my testing period.

I tested both the 0.6Ω and 0.8Ω ohm pods included in the kits. The 0.6Ω pod provides a slightly warmer vape with more giant clouds, while the 0.8Ω pod provides a cooler mouth-to-lung experience.

I also appreciated that the coils lasted two weeks with my usual nic-salt juices and fruity flavors. For heavier e-juices, expect closer to 1 week of optimal use before a change makes sense.

Battery life is another highlight of both models. The built-in 1000mAh battery lets you get through the day without reaching for a charger.

And when you do need to power up, the 2A fast charge capability means you won’t be tethered to an outlet for long. A full charge takes about 30 minutes, which is remarkably fast and convenient.


The pass-through technology also allows you to vape while charging, so you can still enjoy a vape without interruption if you run out of battery power. The LED battery life indicator is simple, changing colors to let you know when to recharge.

The single-pod inclusion for the Q2 SE Vaping Systems may be a drawback for some, as an additional pod type or resistance option could offer more flexibility. However, the high-capacity 3mL pod with both models means you won’t have to refill too often, which is a big plus for on-the-go vaping.

Overall, the Luxe Q2 Pod Vape and Q2 SE offer strong performance that will meet the needs of most MTL vapers. The adjustable airflow on the Q2 pod provides additional customization for your perfect MTL draw. But new vapers will enjoy the simplicity of the fixed airflow Q2 SE.

Luxe Q2 & Q2 SE Pod System Pros

  • Solid build quality
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Top-fill or side-fill pods option
  • Bigger 1000mah battery
  • 3ml e-liquid capacity
  • Cross-Compatible with Luxe
  • Transparent pod
  • Great MTL Draw
  • Good Flavor
  • Long  coil&pod lifespan
  • Auto-draw activation quickly
  • Pass-through vaping

Luxe Q2 & Q2 SE Pod Kit Cons

  • Luxe Q2 SE only comes with one pod
Final Verdict

The new Vaporesso Luxe Q2 and Q2 SE vape pod kits deliver customizable airflow and robust flavor in compact, pocket-friendly packages. The higher-end Luxe Q2 features premium styling with leatherette panels and an airflow slider for adjustable draw resistance.

The simplified Q2 SE offers an affordable alternative focused on simplicity. Both devices share a robust 1000mAh battery for all-day vaping without frequent recharging.

And when needed, the quick charge feature brings them back to full power in just 30 minutes.  The pods hold 3mL (TPD version 2ml) of e-juice, and cross-compatibility allows for flexibility.

The Luxe Q2’s adjustable airflow adds a layer of customization, allowing users to adjust their vape from a loose to a tight MTL draw.

In contrast, the Q2 SE’s fixed airflow is tuned for a comfortable open MTL draw, suitable for high nicotine salt e-liquids. Battery life lasts a full day, and a 2A fast charge reduces downtime.

In conclusion, whether you choose the deluxe LUXE Q2 or the streamlined Q2 SE kit, you can expect a solid, portable, and satisfying vaping experience. The Q2 pod may appeal more to those who enjoy customizable airflow options for a high-quality vaping experience.

At the same time, the Q2 SE vaping pod kit will satisfy users looking for a convenient and user-friendly vaping experience yet a more budget-friendly device.

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