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Vaporesso Luxe X Pro Review: Portable & Customizable Vaping Experience

Exploring the Vaporesso Luxe X Pro: A Comprehensive Review


Vaporesso’s top-rated Luxe pod vape series has a new addition – the Luxe X Pro kit. As the 4th Luxe device, it has high expectations.

The Luxe X Pro retains the classic Luxe look but upgrades in essential ways. It adds adjustable power, works with all Luxe coils and pods, and improves airflow control. The result is an elegant and customizable vaping experience.

The Vaporesso Luxe X Pro has a built-in 1500mAh battery with 40 watts of output power, adjustable wattage, on-screen controls, and more airflow options for a great vaping experience.

This straightforward review will focus on the features, battery life, real-world use, and value of the Vaporesso Luxe X Pro pod system.

Does the Luxe X Pro move the Luxe series forward? Let’s find out!

Design & Build Quality

The Vaporesso Luxe X Pro vape is a versatile pod mod device that offers everything you need for a great experience. It features a built-in 1500mAh battery with adjustable wattage up to 40W.

The Luxe X Pro pot kit has a large 5ml pod capacity and uses the GTX coil system, making it cross-compatible with other devices.

At 99mm tall and 32mm wide, the Luxe X Pro pod system is more significant than most pod mods, giving it a substantial presence without being overly bulky.

Available in seven colors with a sleek holographic design visible through the panels, the Luxe X Pro kit is designed to fit a variety of personal styles.

A standout feature of the Luxe X Pro is the easy-to-use 0.42″ LCD screen. It displays all necessary vaping information, such as battery life, wattage, and puff count.

There is a convenient Smart Mode that automatically adjusts the wattage when using different coil heads for the optimal vape.

Users can also manually adjust wattage and airflow to customize their vape. The screen also allows users to lock modes and monitor vaping usage.

Several thoughtful design elements enhance the user experience. The redesigned pod mouthpiece is more contoured for comfort. Magnetic pod attachment provides a smooth, secure fit.

Vaporesso Luxe X Pro kit

And the transparent pod material makes monitoring juice levels effortless. Filling the pod is easy with the top rubber plug.

The kit includes different coil options and pods to switch up your vaping experience. Charging is done with the included USB-C cable.

The Luxe X Pro pod mod aims to provide convenience and customization. It has an auto-draw feature, so users don’t have to press any buttons to vape if they prefer.

Regarding build quality, the Luxe X Pro pod vape delivers the premium feel you expect from the Luxe series. It offers everything you need for a great vaping experience between its battery life, power output, and adjustable settings.

Does the Luxe X Pro build on previous models?

Let’s explore the performance and real-world experience next to find out.

Pods & Coils

The Luxe X Pro pod kit comes well-equipped with two 5ml pods to suit different vaping needs immediately. A 0.4Ω mesh pod provides a restricted DL draw, while the 0.6Ω pod offers a slightly tighter MTL draw.

Both pods feature wide fill ports with deep rubber stoppers to handle even 100ml of e-juice without leakage or mess easily. I recommend allowing at least 5 minutes of saturation time with a new pod before your first vape.

One of the great things about the Luxe X Pro pod system kit is that it is cross-compatible with other Luxe coils and pods.

So you can continue to use pods from your Luxe PM40 or swap in one of the many GTX coil options to customize your vaping experience truly.

The 0.4Ω pod delivers the best flavor at around 30W. And the 0.6Ω pod keeps you in the 20-25W sweet spot.

This coil flexibility lets you tailor a setup perfect for chucking big clouds or stealthily chasing flavor.

With two well-designed pods and cross-compatibility right out of the box, the Vaporesso Luxe X Pro pod kit makes it easy to achieve your ideal vape.

Whether you prefer a loose DL draw or a tighter MTL, this versatile vape pod kit has a solution.

Features & functions of the Luxe X Pro

The Luxe X Pro pod has all the essential features to customize your vaping experience. The 1500mAh battery can deliver up to 40W for sub-ohm and MTL vaping with the included pods.

An adjustable airflow slider provides the full spectrum from a tight MTL draw to an airier direct lung hit. The automatic draw activation fires quickly and reliably with every puff.

One of the standout features is the Smart Mode. This automatically configures the wattage based on the resistance of the coil you insert, preventing dry or burnt hits. The 0.4Ω pod sets 30W and 24W for the 0.6Ω pod.

While the intelligent mode works great, you can also turn it off to manually set any wattage up to 40W if you prefer more control. The user-friendly screen always displays wattage, voltage, puff count, and battery percentage.

Other convenient features include pass-through charging so you can vape while the battery is charging.

And with the fire button, you can lock the current mode, although the automatic draw still works.

With adjustable power, airflow, and auto-firing, the Luxe X Pro vape pod system has all the features you need to customize your vaping profile, whether you prefer MTL or direct lung hits.

LUXE X PRO Button Intuitive Menu:

  • 5 clicks to turn on/off
  • 3 clicks to lock/unlock
  • Press fire + up to toggle Smart Mode
  • Press fire + down to reset the puff counter

Plus, Smart Mode takes the guesswork out of getting optimal performance from the start.

Performance & battery life

The Vaporesso Luxe X Pro delivers excellent taste with both included pod options. The 0.6Ω pod works well for mouth-to-lung up to a restricted direct lung draw. Closing the adjustable airflow increases restriction for a tighter MTL draw.

Meanwhile, the 0.4Ω pod shines when taking direct lung hits or using a restricted DTL style. Between the two pods and the broad airflow adjustability, the Luxe X Pro can satisfy vapers who prefer MTL and restricted DTL.

Battery life depends on personal vaping habits but generally lasts around 300-400 puffs per full charge. Using lower wattage settings will extend the time between charges. I got 300 puffs at 30W with the 0.4Ω pod and 400 at 25W with the 0.6Ω pod.

The 1500mAh battery is fully charged in approximately 70 minutes via the convenient USB-C port. Pass-through charging is also available, so you can vape while charging.

The sizeable 5ml pod capacity means you can go through 1-1.5 pods per charge, which equates to 5-7.5ml of e-liquid. I experienced no leaking after multiple refills.

Overall, the flavor and flexibility of the Luxe X Pro pods, combined with the adjustable airflow, make for an excellent vaping experience. The battery life is sufficient for moderate to heavy use.

Luxe X Pro vs Luxe XR Max

The Vaporesso Luxe X Pro and Luxe XR Max have similarities but some essential differences that vapers should consider.

Both feature adjustable wattage, GTX coil compatibility, a rectangular shape, and the iconic Luxe transparent sidewalls.

However, the Luxe XR Max has a much larger 2800mAh battery compared to the 1500mAh of the Luxe X Pro. This results in a much longer battery life.

The larger size of the Luxe XR Max also makes it more suitable for direct lung vaping, especially with the 0.2-ohm mesh coil.

Meanwhile, despite having the same airflow adjustment, the smaller Luxe X Pro works better for mouth-to-lung vaping.

The Luxe X Pro introduces auto-draw activation for convenience. The Luxe XR Max has touch-sensitive buttons, which some may find less comfortable than the physical buttons on the Luxe X Pro.

The Luxe X Pro has its advantages in terms of portability and affordability. However, those who want maximum battery life for direct lung vaping or who use lower resistance coils will benefit more from the extra capacity of the Luxe XR Max.

Ultimately, it comes down to your personal vaping preferences. The Luxe X Pro caters more to MTL and convenience. The Luxe XR Max offers longer battery life for DL vapers who use more power-hungry coils.

Vaporesso Luke X Pro Pros

  • Cross Compatible with a pod/coil printout 
  • Big 1500 mah battery
  • 5ml e-liquid capacity
  • Nice looking
  • Great RDL/MTL draw
  • Sturdy zinc alloy frame with rubberized finish
  • With 7 color options
  • Transparent pod
  • Adjustable wattage up to 40W
  • Pass-through charging
  • User-friendly smart mode
  • Auto-draw activation quickly and reliably

Vaporesso Luke X Pro Cons

  • The airflow slider could be more rigid
  • The fill hole near the bottom of the pod makes seeing the E-juice level difficult.


Final Verdict

The Vaporesso Luxe X Pro is similar to previous Luxe devices but makes incremental improvements for a more customizable experience. It is ideal for vapers who want an all-in-one device that can handle everything from mouth to lung to direct lung vaping.

The Luxe X Pro is best suited for portable use, offering the versatility to go from tight MTL draws to restricted direct lung vaping. The adjustable airflow and wattage allow vapers to dial in their preferred settings.

While the 1500mAh battery life is less than the Luxe XR Max, it is still sufficient for moderate daily use. Depending on your settings, you can expect about 300-400 puffs per full charge.

The redesigned pods offer a great taste. There are no leakage issues after multiple refills. And the sizeable 5ml capacity means you get good use before refilling.

If you own the Luxe, Luxe X, or Luxe XR, the Luxe X Pro is more of an incremental upgrade. But for new vapers looking for a convenient pod mod that does it all, the Luxe X Pro is an excellent vape pod option to consider.

Ultimately, it comes down to your preferences – if you value maximum portability and the ability to customize airflow, the Luxe X Pro delivers.

Let us know in the comments if you have experience with the Luxe series and if the X Pro fits your vaping needs.

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