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Zovoo DragBar B5000 Disposable Vape Review: Is It Worth It?

Putting the Zovoo DragBar B5000 To The Test: Our In-Depth Disposable Vape Review


Are you overwhelmed by the plethora of disposable vape options on the market? It can be challenging to choose the right one for you.  However, the Dragbar B5000 is worth considering. It boasts bold flavors, smooth performance, and impressive battery life.

In this review, we’ll look closer at its design, features, flavors, battery life, and overall performance. By the end, you’ll understand why this mini vape is one of the top disposable options.

Disclaimer: The Dragbar B5000 contains nicotine, which is an addictive substance. It is intended for use by adults aged 21 and above.  Remember to vape responsibly and within legal age limits.

Overview of the Dragbar B5000

The first thing you’ll notice about the Dragbar B5000 is its sleek, streamlined design. At just under 80mm tall and less than 45mm wide, its lightweight and compact size makes it easy to carry around.

But don’t let its minimalist exterior fool you; this device has features that enhance the vaping experience.

Right off the bat, the Dragbar B5000 impresses with a massive 13mL e-juice capacity and an estimated 5,000 puffs.

The built-in 500mAh battery may seem small, but its rechargeable battery provides extended use and eliminates the frustration of running out of power too quickly.

The USB-C charging is also conveniently fast. I could turn the battery from empty to full in just an hour. An LED light indicates when the battery is low and needs to be recharged.

Zovoo DragBar B5000 Disposable vape

Available in 0mg, 20mg, and 50mg nicotine strengths, the B5000 caters to all types of vapers and features a unique mesh coil, a small detail that makes a big difference in the taste department.

The mesh coil design ensures that every puff is saturated with flavor, making every vaping session an experience.

Let’s take a look at the details of this outstanding disposable.

Design and build quality

Despite its diminutive size, it features a plastic body that is lightweight yet durable. Its rounded rectangular shape fits comfortably in the hand.

Smooth, rounded edges and a soft, matte finish on the body make it comfortable to hold and use, and different colors correspond to the various flavors available.

My favorite design element is the large crystal mouthpiece, a precise oval shape that tapers smoothly to the opening. It provides a perfect tight draw that any MTL vaper will love.

On the bottom is the USB Type-C charging port. Vibrant colors and bold branding add style. The colors match the flavors inside.

Convenient labeling lets you quickly identify which e-juice is inside. Though lightweight at just 50g, the construction feels solid.

After weeks of use, my test units show no damage or wear. The build quality is fantastic for a disposable device at this price point.

Dimensions: 79.6mm x 44mm x 22.6mm
Resistance: 1.1-1.3Ω
Nicotine Strength: 0mg/mL, 20 mg/mL, 50 mg/mL
Ejuice capacity: 13mL
Battery capacity: 500mAh
Charging: Micro USB
Coil: mesh coil
Draw activated
10 flavor options
Weight: 50g

Features include easy draw activation, a handy LED indicator, and a micro USB charging port. With a proprietary mesh coil, massive juice supply, and long-lasting 500mAh battery, the B5000 is built for marathon vaping.

Dragbar B5000 Flavors

Speaking of flavors, the DRAGBAR B5000 doesn’t skimp on variety. Your taste buds are in for a treat with a stunning array of ten new mixed flavors.

They offer intrigue while still appealing to a broad audience. Even pickier vapers should find a flavor to enjoy in this varied lineup.

  • Strawberry Kiwi

This blend captures the sweetness of ripe strawberries paired with the tartness of kiwi, a perfect combination for a hot summer day vape. 

  • Peach Mango

Imagine the taste of fragrant mangoes mingling with succulent peaches. This flavor is a fruit lover’s dream come true.

  • Strawberry Ice Cream

This flavor tastes like a hot summer day at the beach, with notes of sweet strawberries, creamy vanilla ice cream, and a dollop of whipped cream.

  • Kiwi Passionfruit Guava

An exotic blend of tropical fruits that delivers a unique tasting experience. The sweetness of passion fruit perfectly complements the subtle tartness of kiwi and guava.

Dragbar B5000 Standout Flavors

After extensive testing, these flavors rose to the top as my favorites:

  • Aloe Grape

Subtle icy menthol pairs perfectly with the sweet grape candy flavor. Cool and refreshing.

  • Vanilla Cream Tobacco

Exactly as described, with rich tobacco and sweet cream. It’s a great twist on tobacco flavors.  

  • Peach Mango

Juicy peach and tropical mango make a fruity fusion—sweet and tangy tropical perfection.

  • Pina Colada

Creamy coconut matched with ripe pineapple – a heavenly tropical cocktail flavor.

The perfect balance of flavors in each option left me impressed. Smooth, nuanced, and accurate, they outshine many competitors.

Dragbar B5000 Performance

In terms of performance, the Dragbar b5000 delivers impressive vapor production and battery life. Despite its small size, each puff produces thick, flavorful clouds.

The metallic mesh coil provides a smooth and airy draw that feels just right for a mouth-to-lung vape.

I tested several Dragbar b5000 units over a few weeks. On average, the device lasted 5-7 days with heavy daily use. As a reviewer who tests many different devices, this product life is better than most disposables I’ve tried.

Nicotine delivery remains consistent for the life of the device. Throat hit scales up appropriately for 20mg and 50mg strength options.

At 5% nicotine salt strength, the Dragbar b5000 offers a satisfying throat hit without being overly harsh.

Each drag provides a good nicotine buzz to curb cravings. However, the vapor is cool and comfortable to be continuously vaped.

Zovoo DragBar B5000 Cosmic Edition

Ease of use is another strong suit. The automatic draw activation is ultra-responsive without being overly sensitive.

It rarely fired accidentally in my pocket or bag. After vaping four B5000 empty, I didn’t experience a single misfire, spit back, or leak.

I am impressed after putting the Dragbar b5000 through its paces as my daily disposable. The flavors are unique and authentically crafted.

At 5000+ estimated puffs, the battery life far surpasses similar devices. And with just a single charge providing over a week of vaping, charging is negligible. 

It also has an attractive design, comfortable draw, and reliable auto-draw activation. At around $10-12 per unit, depending on the retailer, the price is reasonable for such a feature-packed disposable.

My only minor criticism is the vibrant colors might appeal to something other than stealth vapers.

But for performance and value, the Dragbar b5000 is arguably one of the best disposable on the market right now. I have no hesitation in recommending it.

Battery Life

The 500mAh battery capacity delivers impressive usage time. With moderate vaping, expect multiple days per charge. The handy LED indicator light lets you know when a recharge is needed.

Pass-through charging(Cosmic Edition) allows you to continue vaping while the battery replenishes. A full recharge takes about an hour.

For a heavy vaper like myself, the B5000 lasted a full day on most charges. The convenience of USB charging and all-day battery life checks all the boxes.

Pros of Dragbar B5000

  • 13mL e-juice capacity
  • Estimated 5,000 puff lifespan
  • Nicotine options from 0mg to 50mg
  • Instant draw activation
  • Perfect tight MTL draw
  • Rechargeable 500mah battery
  • Satisfying throat hit
  • Good build quality
  • Affordable price tag
  • Consistent flavor performance

Cons of Dragbar B5000

  • Recharge time of 1 hour
  • Colors may be too vibrant for some


Considering the minimal cons, the B5000 provides an excellent overall experience. It delivers on every front for vapers seeking convenience, mileage, and bold flavors.


The Dragbar B5000 disposable vape offers an excellent combination of convenience and flavor. Its sleek design, long-lasting battery, and impressive flavor options make it a top contender in the disposable vape market.

While its high-key colors may not appeal to everyone, It outperforms competitors with mileage, construction quality, and flavor variety for an affordable single-use vape.

In conclusion, ZOVOO Drag Bar B5000 Disposable Vape offers a range of semi-subtle flavors. It is a good option for those who prefer a refreshing experience without an overpowering icy sensation.

Its compact size, long-lasting battery, and delectable flavors make it an excellent choice for satisfying your vaping needs on the go. It also gives vapers the flexibility to choose their preferred nicotine strength.

So, does the DRAGBAR B5000 live up to the hype? Based on our review, we’d say it certainly does.

Have you given the Dragbar B5000 a try yet?

Share your thoughts on this impressive little disposable in the comments below!

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